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All Things Considered: Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese.

Book cover for "All Things Considered: Advanced  Reader of Modern Chinese."

Author unknown

Princeton University Press, 2001

ISBN-13: 9780691090481; ISBN-10: 0691090483

List Price: $55.00

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30.00 Very Good

Some writing but no highlighting

  • Used: Fall 2013
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35.00 Like New

No writing or markings. Pages, edges, and spine are in perfect condition. (This is the revised edition — see

  • Used: Fall 2019
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38.00 Good

Not much wear and tear, just some markings.

  • Used: Fall 2011
  • Seller Rating: 100% (5/5)
40.00 Very Good

Only the edges/corners of the book are very slightly worn, but there are no markings at all inside the book. The pages look new and are in perfect condition.

  • Used: Fall 2018
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44.00 Like New

No marks whatsoever, but a little bent in the spine. Used for PiB.

  • Used: Fall 2013
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This modern Chinese language textbook bridges the gap between intermediate and advanced Chinese. It is ideal for students who have completed intermediate courses but need more language practice to prepare them for the complexity of advanced Chinese. <P>The text is divided into two parts. The first section consists of twelve dialogues; the second is a selection of recent newspaper articles about contemporary Chinese society. A novel feature of <i>All Things Considered</i> is that several topics appear in both dialogue and essay forms. This repetition is designed to improve students' retention of grammar and vocabulary as well as to highlight differences between spoken and written Chinese. <P>All of the articles and dialogues center on everyday issues in contemporary China. Several of the topics featured are controversial in the hope that they will spark students' interest and promote participation in class discussions.