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Student Lab Notebook: 100 Top Bound duplicate pages

Book cover for "Student Lab Notebook: 100 Top Bound duplicate pages"


Hayden Mcneil Pub, 1999

ISBN-13: 9781930882003; ISBN-10: 1930882009

List Price: $25.50

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Price ($) Condition Seller Description Buy
9.99 Very Good

I have used it for my experiments, but it still has most pages. Pages 29-100 are intact! Should be more than enough for 2 semesters of lab.

  • Used: Fall 2012
  • Seller Rating: 100% (1/1)
10.00 Acceptable

HEY! This is not actually the lab notebook, its a listing for the organic puzzle book. Basically it has all the labs for orgo, for the whole year. Henry L Gingrich and Miles Pickering 2007 Edition. I used it in 2008. Was exactly what we did. If they've changed it, they will have only changed one or two of the labs, and the TA's will give you photocopies if you ask. Might as well save the bucks. I had a great lab TA.

  • Used: Fall 2008
  • Seller Rating: 100% (2/2)
15.00 Very Good

This notebook offers 100 pages of sheets, with a carbon duplicate of each. During CHM207 I only used 10 of the pages through the whole semester-- the rest of the notebook is in excellent condition, meaning there are 90 remaining pages for you to use. It's silly to buy a new one if you're not going to use more than 90 pages (trust me, you wont). The tear-out periodic table that is also used to protect sheets behind the one you are writing on is still with it, too. (Available for pickup in Wilson area starting Saturday, 9/19/09)

  • Used: Fall 2008
  • Seller Rating: 100% (4/4)
15.00 Very Good

The first 20 or so pages have been used, but you can tear these out so that your lab experience will be untainted by the work of others, or leave them in and use them on days when you forget to write-up the lab! And for you, I will throw in a stylish pair of lab goggles too.

  • Used: Fall 2008
  • Seller Rating: 80% (4/5)
15.00 Like New

Used once. Looks brand new.

  • Used: Fall 2012
  • Seller Rating: New User